Politics in Contemporary Vietnam, Chapter 1

I am pleased to share with you the introductory chapter from Politics in Contemporary Vietnam: Party, State, and Authority Relations, edited by myself and which is in press and available for purchase at fine bookstores everywhere, including the publisher’s website as well as the usual outlets, such as Amazon. To my knowledge, it is not yet available in Vietnam, though one can never be sure about these things!

You can access and download the chapter by clicking here or on the image below.

Please note, this is a sample chapter that was made available to the public by the publisher on its website. But please also note that this is copyrighted material. If you spot any typos or errors, please do not let me know!

In future weeks I may provide brief descriptions of the other chapters in the volume along with some discussion. This volume was written for for an academic audience and as such there is a greater than zero likelihood that you will encounter what Booth (Booth 1979, 277) memorably referred to as “Greekfed, polysyllabic bullshit” . That said, I hope you find it useful.

All the best.