A big day

Tomorrow we will know who will the next President of the United States. As campaigns go, this was surely among the depressing and embarrassing spectacle in living memory. Let us hope we don’t see a similar one anytime soon.

Whatever the causes – economic distress, a dysfunctional and anti-democratic political system, a pliant corporately-controlled mass media, racism, the charismatic appeal of a con artist — it is nonetheless scary that millions of people would vote for a such a monster.

As for the world? This election comes at a time when the post-World War II order appears to be in imminent danger of collapse. Around the world, democratic institutions that have performed poorly are in crisis, while authoritarians smirk.

Personally, I have never been a huge fan of the Clintons. They’ve always been a bit neoliberal for me, fake smiles or not. And yet, given the current state of affairs, globally and in the US, I along with countless others, will feel a huge sense of relief if Clinton prevails.

And if she should lose? Two words:

Brace, Brace!

Spit over your shoulder.